Canadian Association for Food Studies

Now on its fourteenth year, the Canadian Association for Food Studies, together with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, will hold its annual conference at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver on June 1-7, 2019.

Students and professionals coming from different fields, with a common interest in food research, established CAFS at Ryerson University in 2005. They have decided that as an association CAFS aims to uphold requisite, multidisciplinary expertise on the field of food systems such as in the processes of policymaking, production, distribution and consumption. Since then, CAFS members meet annually to point out key issues and disseminate research findings with regards to food security.

CAFS members come from various disciplines in sciences, economics and arts. Interdisciplinary membership is encouraged to gather diverse perspectives in evaluating local, national and global needs on food systems. Additionally, the association’s journal is open for submission such as research articles, reviews and commentaries.

Food Studies Conference 2019

As Canada takes pride on choice meats, pastries, soups and cocktails, the association understands that there are histories beyond these delicacies that should be preserved and enriched for the generations to come.  The regular assembly of its members provides an avenue for which it can be accomplished. The food studies conference is an annual event to share new knowledge related to appraising policies, evaluating the development of community-based work and elucidating the significance of food systems on several aspects of the nation.

The 2019 theme entitled “Circles of Food” intends to advance the broad nature of food systems towards its betterment and sustainability and to inculcate the meaning of food on daily human experience. With this goal, 2019 conference endeavors to resolve hierarchical issues by integrating all the sectors, particularly the indigenous communities, in the circle.


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