How is it November 1st already?! That means FoodCon 2016 is almost here. NC State student Molly Hass checked in on our lunch for us this week. It is so exciting to see how much the veggies have grown out at the NCSU Agroecology farm. Here’s a picture of the rows of beautiful veggies allocated for FoodCon. The greens are looking great, and I personally can’t wait to taste the beets and the squash!

On behalf of everyone at FoodCon, we want to thank Allison Reeves for doing a fantastic job managing the farm this summer and this fall. Molly can personally attest to the amount of hard work it takes just to keep the weeds at bay (especially this summer). Now that the temperature is cooling down, we can start to look forward to those delicious fall vegetables. I hope you are all excited to taste the fruits (or should I say veggies) of our labors, I know we are!